Should you do data entry from home to make money? A lot of people see this opportunity to make money and see it as a way to make some cash on the side with their spare time. Data entry is something that is pretty flexible and you can do it right from your own home, so it has some appeal to people.

But this is the difference in mindset that I want to point out here. When you are inputting data from home and making money for it, you could be building your business as a long term making money strategy instead.
Instead of being paid by the hour for doing data entry work, you could be using your spare time to build up your own business as further described on this website.

It is enticing to do the data entry stuff because you get the money right away. If you do a couple hours each day, then you make a bunch of extra money right now for yourself and can use that money almost immediately. You do work, you get paid. This is data entry from home.

But think about the alternative. You could be building up a long term, income producing asset instead. This is painful in the beginning because you are turning down a lot of money at first in order to build up your business. Instead of doing data entry work, you are working on your own web properties, and making nothing for it at first. There is no payoff right away so it feels like you are working hard for free, with no payoff in sight.

But if you keep at it, eventually the money will start to come. It will start to trickle in, a little more each day. And this income is residual. It happens over and over again. Maybe you will be making a dollar or two every day. That is a great start. Duplicate that success and get up to 4 or 5 dollar per day. This is very simple to do even though it might not be easy. In other words, since you already did it once and got to a dollar per day, you know what needs to happen to double your income. You simple duplicate your efforts. Double your web properties. Grow them. Replicate your success.

Now, what is stopping you from doing that a hundred times over? Sure, it might take you a year or two of pecking away at it in the evenings. But after those 2 years, you will have a real business established. A money making machine that pays you over and over again while you sleep

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