If you want to make money now then you probably need to take some serious action right now. If you want to do so on the internet then you probably need to be prepared to write a lot of content in a short period of time. If you want to make a decent amount of money, then you should be prepared to write a lot of articles at your computer for several hours each day.

For example, one way to make money right now is to write articles for Textbroker or other services that are similar to this. People out there want fresh articles that are unique and original and they will pay you to write them. If you can write somewhat quickly online then you can make a lot of money by cranking articles out every day. Most services like this will pay a couple of bucks per article that you write, and if you can write 15 or 20 per day, then that is pretty decent money, enough to live on for some people even. The key is that you have to crank out quality articles fairly quickly and keep it up for a few hours straight. Most people are not willing to work like this and if they are, then they are probably putting their efforts into other, long term investments.

For example, if you can write lots of fresh content every day, then you could also decide that you want to make money later instead of now, and thus keep the articles for yourself and allow them to produce income over and over again for you. This is passive income through internet marketing and it is actually fairly easy to do even though it takes time to set it up and get it rolling. It does take effort and it does take hard work but if you stick it out then eventually you will have money that rolls in even when you do not write anything new.

So to some extent you have to decide if you want to make passive income or if you want to make active income. If you need money right now no matter what, then passive income is not for you. But if you are willing to put in the time and effort necessary to build a real income producing asset over the period of a year or so, then you might want to look into building up your own websites instead of other people’s.

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