Can You Really Make Money Online Every Day Without Working Hard or Investing Big Money Into it?

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Can You Really Make Money Online Every Day Without Working Hard or Investing Big Money Into it?

Is it possible to make money online every day without working hard or investing a lot of money into it?

No it is not. You are trying to build an asset, not just some fluffy writing online that serves as a place holder for ads, but a website that has real value. Furthermore, you want to have a real living and breathing website, one that is “real” by almost every measure, one that has real visitors who leave real comments and who actually interact with the site. Without this level of authenticity you are just living on borrowed time with the search engines, as they will eventually penalize you for basically being a spam site. If the only purpose of your website is to make money then you do not have much of a business model.

So if you want create daily income online you basically have two choices: you can work hard to create it legitimately, or you can buy the success of other people. In other words, you could just pay other people to create your websites for you or buy an existing site that is already profitable.

There is a third possibility and that would be the “black hat” route of extracting value from the web without giving it any value in return. This means that you would use programming knowledge to automate all sorts of stuff and basically spam the heck out of everyone. The idea is to make whatever money you can before the loophole gets fixed, and then move on to find another loophole. While some people do make a living by this method, they also have to have special knowledge of how to write code, and they also have to keep pushing hard to find that next loophole to exploit. Not exactly passive income.

So ultimately the market is efficient enough and there are enough people out there who exploit the loopholes such that you cannot just get something for nothing anymore. You certainly cannot just find an easy loophole online and make millions from it for eternity. Anyone who finds an easy money maker is about to be visited by massive amounts of competition. That is the nature of the market. So ultimately you need to ask yourself:

“How badly do I want to own a real business and create a passive income stream in my life?”

“Am I willing to sacrifice either time, or money, or both, in order to build up this passive income stream that pays me over and over again?”

I was personally not rich or anything and did not have mountains of cash laying around to buy a website and so what I did was to build my own high traffic website. This took several years actually but I did not work very consistently at it. I went several months without touching my website, and other months, I worked hard at it. During one month I published close to 500 articles on it. In the long run, I grew it to where it was providing a full time income for me, and now I have the freedom to create more businesses that pay me passive income streams.

I have traded my day job for the job of creating businesses that pay passive income. So I still work, and technically you could call what I do a “job.” But I like my new boss much better these days!


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