Create a Daily Work Routine that Consistently Pushes You Closer to Your Long Term Vision

Can You Really Make Money Online Every Day Without Working Hard or Investing Big Money Into it?
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Create a Daily Work Routine that Consistently Pushes You Closer to Your Long Term Vision

Now let’s tie it all together.
You have a long term vision of success.
You know what you want your website to be like, what sort of content you want on the site, and how you want to have lots of strong incoming links, and so on.

It is time to make it all happen.
The way to make this vision become a reality is by following a daily routine.
You must plot out the tasks that will create the vision, then you must work on those tasks on a regular basis.
The power of having a daily quota
Most people vastly underestimate the importance of having a daily quota.
They like to procrastinate, or play around on the Internet, rather than doing the work.

Or, they imagine that they are still being productive when they are reading about Internet marketing.
If you subscribe to lots of Internet marketing blogs, stop reading them so much. They are wasting your time. They might make you feel smarter and more productive for having read them, but are you getting any work done? Is your monthly income rising from your website?

My daily quota is generally three solid articles each day. These articles are not just little 400 word pieces of fluff, either. They are generally 800 to 1,200 words long and are chock full of value for the reader. They are part of a long term vision for my website, and I feel like I am building up an asset when I write and publish them.
Three articles per day.
Quality articles.

If you are serious about your Internet marketing goals, I would suggest AT LEAST two articles per day as a quota.
If you make excuses about how you do not have time to publish 2 or 3 articles each and every day, then you are probably not serious enough or do not want passive income badly enough yet. Anyone can prioritize and squeeze out the time to create a few articles each day.

Consider the math: If you publish 3 articles every day, that is over a thousand new articles each year. Within two or three years that could very easily produce a six figure website, provided you also have two additional elements: A lucrative topic, and plenty of guest posts and link juice.
So you need a daily quota if you want to succeed. Long term consistency is key. Publish your articles every single day, and it will lead to residual income.
A task list that will lead to a six figure website some day
Your daily task list will vary a bit depending on where you are at in your Internet marketing journey.

While starting, your main goal is to go register a domain and get WordPress up and running on your new website. You need a single website and you need to be able to publish articles on it. Of course you will need to purchase cheap shared hosting as well. This should not be too difficult, as hosting support will walk you through the whole process while holding your hand over the phone. Seriously, it is super easy.

After you are up and running you will have two basic modes you might be in at any given time. Honestly it does not much matter as far as what or when you shift into either of these two modes. One mode we might label as “content production” and the other mode we might label as “promotion.”
Content production mode

This is where you write and publish articles on your website every day. In the very long run, this will probably be about 90 percent of all of your Internet marketing effort. This is where most of the work happens.
Content production should always be part of a larger vision for your website. You should never just publish a generic or general article. Every article that you create should be part of something much bigger–a resource that your audience will find extremely useful.

It is fairly simple to plan out one of these resources for your audience and then create them methodically, one article at a time. After you have published all of the articles for your resource you are creating, you can go back and compile them all into a downloadable eBook.

Thus, when you create new content for your website, you are also creating these resources, these assets on the side. You are always building towards something greater, something more than just a generic article.
Your daily task list while in content production mode will generally consist of publishing two or three articles per day. It might also consist of planning out your next resource (or free eBook), and listing out about ten chapters, which will become your next ten articles on your website. This planning process is generally fairly quick and easy once you start doing it.
Promotion mode

At some point while you are working on your website and have been putting up lots of great content for a while, you may notice that your traffic is still lacking. When you notice this (and IF you actually have lots of great content on your site) then it is time to shift into promotion mode.
I have already thoroughly detailed what promotion mode consists of, but here is the daily task breakdown:
1) Create a large list of websites that you want to try to get a backlink from.
2) Plan and write a killer guest post, one that is flexible enough to be used on multiple websites.
3) Pitch that guest post to websites on your list until you find a home for it.
4) Do this in high volume, with an eventual goal of getting 50 guest posts published.

My experience is that guest posting is powerful enough to create a six figure business as your sole method of promotion. The key is that you have to do it in high volume, and you have to do it on related websites.
After you land a few successful guest posts, I would shift back into “content production mode” and start putting up more great content on your own site, and creating awesome resources for your audience.
Things move slowly on the web when it comes to building search engine traffic. It takes time for all of this new content and the guest post links to kick in and create a serious change.

Be patient and stick primarily to the “content production mode.”
Realize too that some day, you will no longer have to worry about the “promotion mode” at all. It will be done with, and your site will be successful, and you will have a large audience and regular traffic coming in, and the only thing you will have to worry about is putting up new killer content.

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