Free Book – Ninjanomics: This Changes Everything

Make Money With No Work – This Changes Everything
You Need an Internet Marketing Strategy that Keeps You Publishing Great Content on a Consistent Basis

Free Book – Ninjanomics: This Changes Everything

Recently I sold my part time business for six figures, invested the income, and put my financial life on steroids. I want to share with you how I accomplished this.

“Ninjanomics – This changes everything”
Build a business
Embrace frugality
Sell your junk
Master habits
Live free forever

What is ninjanomics? It’s about changing everything.
Did you ever consider the idea that each part of your life is related to the other parts?

The idea that, maybe: getting into shape physically could help you to be successful in business .reducing the clutter in your home could make you a more effective and creative writer? working toward several goals that are all in alignment could produce extraordinary results in a very short period of time?
That is the idea behind Ninjanomics.

We all have these separate compartments in our lives. Because we can step back and look at our overall life, we have “compartmentalized” our lives.

For example, consider:
Our physical health.
Our career.
Our relationships.
Our daily routine.
Our habits and addictions.
Our faith or inspiration.
Our fitness level.
And on and on and on.

But as much as we try to separate these parts, our life remains an entanglement.Each part of our life spills over into the other parts, affecting everything. And what’s more, this happens in ways that we cannot predict.
But there is the truly shocking thing about it all:
This is a huge opportunity for you.

It means that, instead of just trying to improve as a person in some general way, we can create a series of goals that are actually aligned with each other.
That way, when pursuing one goal creates “spillover” and affects other areas of your life, it does so in a positive way.Many people have attempted to build a better life for themselves by starting a business.

The problem is that they often have other goals in their lives that hold them back, or that are not in alignment with their business goals.
Ninjanomics is an attempt to fix that.The concept is simple: you can still “compartmentalize” your life. But with Ninjanomics, you will consider each goal in your life, and make sure that it is aligned with your overall strategy.
If you have a positive goal in your life, that is great.If you have serveral positive goals in your life, that is even better.Things get really amazing when all of those goals are in alignment with each other, hence, “ninjanomics.”

A complete solution for passive income
Most resources that attempt to instruct on lifestyle design fall short when it comes time to generate real income.Ninjanomics shows you step by step how to build a sustainable online business, one that is based on providing real value to your audience. We are talking about a true authority website, one that can weather the test of time and survive various algorithm updates.

I base this on the fact that my flagship website was built up slowly over four years as I worked on it part time. During that time period the site survived about six algorithm updates, rose from zero to over two thousand per month in passive income, and eventually sold for $200,000.

The approach for passive income that I teach in Ninjanomics mirrors my experience with that flagship website. I tell you what to do because it worked for me and created a large amount of income in my life.

I firmly believe that anyone who is willing to put in the work can build a similar authority website, and thus generate passive income themselves.
This is not a hype-filled quick money grab approach to making money. I teach you how to build a real business asset, slowly and deliberately, while providing real value to your audience. It will take time for your effort to pay off but once you “get there” the results are amazing. Being free from your day job is like living in a whole new world, one that is filled with hope and opportunity.
This 34,000 word eBook should cost money, but it is completely free at this time. Download it, read it, share it with others.

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