Getting the Good Links with Premium Guest Posting

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Getting the Good Links with Premium Guest Posting

Why you need to guest post
Our strategy is to build an authority website. In order to get free search engine traffic, the website will need to have some link juice pointed at it.
There are good links and there are bad ones.

Basically, bad links are the links that you can create fairly easily.
Good links are the ones that take hard work in order to get.
If you do a Google search for your topic, take a look at the top ten sites that come up. THOSE are the sites that you want to get a link from.
This is because those sites are relevant. They relate closely to your topic. This is extremely important for building site authority.

If you get links from strong websites that are NOT related to your topic, it will not be nearly as helpful.

Getting the good links via guest posting takes a bit of effort, and a bit of work. Therefore, most of your competition is NOT going to do it. They are too lazy, and there are easier ways to get links (but of course they are not as good!).
So you need to guest post on other sites in your niche if you want to be successful.

Let me show you how to do so.
Finding potential sites to guest post on
Pull up your chair and get ready to do a bunch of Google searches. Your goal is to build a list of websites. You will probably want between ten and fifty of them when you are done.

Do a search in Google for your topic and the phrase, in quotes, “this is a guest post”
So if your topic is tennis, then you would type this into Google:
tennis “this is a guest post”

Now look at the results that come up. Some of them should obviously be guest posts that people have written and are now published on a website.
And, some of the results will probably NOT be a real guest post.
Your job is to look through the results and find the real guest posts.
When you find one, copy down the URL of the website. I would make a notepad file and save it on your desktop. This will be a file of places you can pitch your future guest posts to.

Now after you have looked through the results on the first few pages, I would modify your search a bit, and try again.
So you might do:tennis “guest post”Or you might try some variations on your topic keyword, such as:
sports “this is a guest post”
And so on.

Experiment a bit with the terms in order to see different results. If your topic is not getting you what you want, try “going up a category” (like from “tennis” to “sports”).
When you are done with this, you should have a list of ten to fifty websites that have accepted a guest post in the past. These are your potential targets when you go to get your own guest posts published.
Your content creation strategy for guest posting

Look at your list of potential websites. Choose one of the sites (I would start with what I thought to be the strongest of the bunch) and come up with an idea for a guest post on their site.Your goal when creating a guest post is to make one of the best articles you have ever written. The title should be creative and have serious grab.For example, using the tennis example:
“The Ten Biggest Mistakes in Tennis that Everyone Makes”

This would be a great title for a guest post in the tennis niche. Of course, you have to then create an insightful and brilliant article to go with that title.
Create something that another website owner would WANT to publish on their site.

One more tip: when you are creating a potential guest post, write it in such a way that it could be used elsewhere if it gets rejected. So even though you have a website in mind where you want to publish the article, they might end up turning you down, and you want to create the article in such a way that you can pitch it somewhere else.
Include a byline at the top of your article with a link back to your site in it, something like:

This is a guest post by John Doe of TennisWorldInstructorGuru dot com. John teaches tennis full time and also coaches at the high school level.
Once you have created a fantastic article, you are ready to go pitch it.
Let me show you how you can do that.

The mega-comment approach
So let’s say that you have zeroed in on the strongest website in your niche, and you really want your guest post to be published there.
Can you just email the site owner and ask them to publish it?
Yes, you could. But, I have a much better approach for you.
It sounds like a lot of extra work, but in reality, it is pretty quick and painless.

What you need to do is to leave the perfect comment.
That’s right, the perfect comment. If you leave the perfect comment, it will sell your guest post for you.

Now, how do you leave the perfect comment?
I would wait for the site to publish a new post, and then jump in fairly early and leave one of the first comments on the post.

Your goal is to leave a comment that is absolutely huge, at least 500 words long, and it the same quality as one of your regular articles. At the end of the comment, you will make a pitch for your guest post.
So on the tennis website, this might work like this. Here is an example of a mega-comment you might leave:

Hey Dan, great article here on different serve techniques. I especially like the idea about blah blah blah.(Insert at least 500 words of good content here in the comment that is intelligent and relevant to his post)
By the way, I am documenting a nice case study about these different serving techniques among my students, and intend to publish it as a guest post on someone’s websites. Is that something your readers might be interested in?

Let me know! Thanks!
This is just sort of a suggested template for a mega-comment, but make sure that you are making it nice and long. The reason you want it to be 500 words or more is so that they NOTICE it. And believe me, if you create a 500 word comment that is actually insightful regarding their article topic, they will definitely notice it.

They are used to seeing little short comments, maybe a paragraph at the most. If you give them a mega-comment that could stand on its own as a solid post, you will get their attention.

Then, the pitch at the end of your mega comment seals the deal. Our hope is that they will be so impressed with the quality of your comment and the depth of your discussion, that they cannot help but invite you to share a post with their audience.

How many guest posts do you need?
For starters, you need one.
After you have a few articles up on your own website, you need to get at least one guest post.

Before you go pitch one, I would make sure that your website looks sharp and clean, with quality content on it. If it looks lousy or spammy in any way, no one is going to want to publish a guest post linking back to your site. So make sure you have a few articles of excellent quality on your site, and nothing else to get in the way (for now, I would eliminate all advertising as well).

After you get a guest post published, I would continue to work on your website while giving the link time to kick in. You will not see the results of a new link right away, it can take several months before you see the benefits of a single link.

As you move forward, you have a choice to make, based on your traffic. Ask yourself:
“Is my traffic increasing quickly enough as I add new content?”
Remember, I would give new content at least six months in order to generate traffic. If you wait six months and no new traffic is showing up, then you need more authority and link juice pointing at your website.
At that point, actively pursue another guest post, using the approach outlined here.

Over time, you will get a feel for your traffic and the growth of your website. If you continue to add fresh content to your site and your traffic increases, then you probably don’t need more link juice. If you wait a few months and your traffic is not increasing at all, you should seek more guest posts.
The amount of authority and link juice that you need will vary based on your topic and the level of competition. In some niches, you may only need one or two guest posts in order to get your site “on the map” and receiving steady traffic. In highly competitive niches, you may need several guest posts in order to rank well and get lots of free search engine traffic.

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