How Can I Make Money with no Work?

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How Can I Make Money with no Work?

My hope for you is that you can build a powerful asset online, one that generates a solid income for you, so that you can reclaim your time freedom and start living the life that you really want to live.

I want to help you on this journey in any way that I can, because the experience that it has given to me has been so amazing and positive.
Here is the twist, however: The money comes later, after you have done the work. Hence, when I say “make money with no work,” I am talking about a year or two down the road, when you can prop your feet up and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

This is how successful business works–you build an asset that produces income, and at some point, you can remove yourself from the equation and still enjoy the income. Is it truly passive and forever permanent income? Probably not–but it beats a day job as far as trading hours for dollars.
My methods seek to build passive income through a single authority website on the Internet. My goal is for you to build one website, and make it successful enough to provide you with your own economic freedom. This is the core of my long term strategy.

The idea of frugality enters the picture because it will allow you to purchase your freedom so much sooner. If you can knock your living expenses down a few hundred per month then you can “retire” based on passive earnings that much sooner.

I put “retire” in quotes because I still enjoy building online businesses even though my passive earnings are already substantial. I believe that once you achieve this level of success with building businesses that you will want to continue with it as well. Warren Buffet doesn’t just sit around all day, ya know!
Thus, the main themes of this site are:

Passive income: How to work hard once and get paid for it over and over again.
Sustainable business practices: Building a valuable destination website that does not get nuked in the search engine updates.
Frugality: Lowering your monthly expenses so that you are less dependent on a day job and can live from passive income streams.

Building authority with quality backlinks: Get your website ranking and earning income while protecting it from penalties.

Creating killer on-site content: The foundation of your business should be original and insightful content that is really helpful.
Long term marketing strategy: Take it slow and build up a quality asset over a long time frame. Build a sustainable business.

Learning these things and putting them into practice will help you with:
Income: Have passive income in your life that does not depend on a day job.
Career: Become an Internet marketing maven who is not dependent on a traditional corporate day job.

Stress: Answer to no one, build your own wealth, live frugally and enjoy the relaxation and freedom of financial independence.
Finances: Become financially independent, stop worrying about money, cut expenses and create passive income streams.

Happiness: Based on all of these changes, become happier with more time freedom and less stressful demands on your life.
Where to begin?

There is a lot of information to soak up here but I want to give you the 60 second summary first:
Build a single website and put your heart and soul into it. Work hard on the site for the next one to three years and create tons of premium resources for your target audience–stuff that actually helps them to solve a problem they might be having. Focus on building your brand and building up traffic. Monetize the site simply or sell out for a gigantic sum and turn the money into passive investment income.

Your success comes from building a genuine resource for people and giving them the best possible solution on the Internet. Turning traffic into passive income is relatively simple compared to actually building up the traffic streams. Focus on building brand, creating killer content, helping your audience, and getting a few premium links to your site. Over time this will evolve into a serious business that generates real income.
All of these concepts are broken down much further and fully explained in free eBooks on this website:

Building a six figure website – Learn exactly how I was able to create a six figure website from scratch, what steps I took to get there, and how I was able to make a full time income along the way from my marketing efforts.
The journey to economic freedom – Learn how I found financial independence through building an authority website and reducing expenses.
Creating resources – Learn how to create valuable resources that your target audience can download and share with each other. This is brand building in action.

Ninjanomics – Learn about an holistic approach to life that combines frugality with passive income streams for the ultimate in time freedom and stress free living.

Long term marketing strategy – Learn how to create a powerful authority website over time by taking the long view of things and using a content based strategy. Killer content – Learn how to create amazing content for your website that will become the foundation of your success.
Building link juice – Learn how to build premium links and avoid search engine penalties. Slow, effective, methodical link building from “real” websites only. It takes time and it takes effort, but it works.

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