I Just Sold My Flagship Website for $200,000

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I Just Sold My Flagship Website for $200,000

Here is how it happened: one of my advertisers from AdSense agrees to go direct with me. I give him access to my analytics and I take down my AdSense, put his ads up. He is amazed at the traffic (up to 4,000 uniques per day) but is not thrilled with conversions.

However, he says he “thinks he can fix the conversion rate by modifying the website.” He believes he can get more customers from my traffic.

Huh. I wonder how.We are on the phone. He says to me: “I want to buy your website. Make me an offer.”

I laugh out loud. “The site is not for sale,” I tell him. It earns me 2 grand per month. I need the money to live on. I need the money to pay rent and eat. I cannot sell it for “play money” or a quick payday.

He says: “Try me. Give me a number.”

So I dink around with the numbers and I figure my site is worth about 50 grand. But, I can not live on that kind of money. To me, the fifty grand would be play money. It would be gone in a few years, less than a decade. I want more than that. I want my freedom.

So I throw it out to him: I will sell the site for a quarter million, even though I know it is not worth that much.

He says “no, it is not worth a quarter million. But, I will buy it from you for $200,000. You have 24 hours to decide.”

OMG OMG OMG OMG My mind is racing.“I will get back with you on that” I say. So I gulp and hang up the phone.I call my parents. They are like “WHOA. That is real money. Life changing money.”My dad says “Here, call my money guy. He does all my investing. Ask him what to do.”Then my dad says “Call our tax guy too.”

So I get on the phone. I call the investment guy. I call the tax guy. They are both impressed, and urge me to sell it. It is life changing money, they both say. The investment guy says he will treat me like a 60 year old man, and get me a very safe and conservative 5 to 7 percent on the money. I run the numbers on that and I can pretty much live off of the interest if I am frugal.

The investment guy says to me: “You should sell……can’t you just build another website? LOL”

I had to laugh with him. Because of course that is exactly what I will do, even though I am out of my old niche due to an insanely strict non-compete agreement. It is no matter. It is life changing money, and I now have a new niche: teaching people how to build $200,000 dollar websites. I have done so and can speak with real authority on it.

So that is my story. I built a website and sold it for $200,000. I am quite happy with that result.

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