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Can You Make Money Now Online?

Make Money Easy

Is it possible to make money easy on the internet? Well yes and no.

Yes you can make easy money because it is very possible to build up a portfolio of online content that continues to pay you over and over again, similar to the royalties that you would make on a published book. Now of course it works a little bit differently than that, but the idea is the same. You do the work once, and you continue to earn from it again and again.

Now, is it easy to set up that kind of money making machine, so that you get paid over and over again? Of course it is not super easy. We don’t have droves of third graders who have hundred dollar per day websites coming out of their ears. It’s not that easy.

But it is pretty simple.
If you can do those 3 things, you can make easy money online. Seriously. That is all it takes.

Now actually putting forth a sustainable effort at this is difficult. It is hard because you will not see instant results. You won’t sit down, and write a keyword targeted article, and then create a link to it, and then the next day BAM! you find a dollar in your Adsense account. It just doesn’t work that fast.

But what you can do is to come up with a good list of keywords to target, and publish a bit of content every day, and over time, if you build a few links, the amount of money you make every day will slowly start to rise. Now of course there will always be fluctuations and so the daily income is going to be a rocky road no matter what. But the overall trend will be up and up if you continue to build and build.

The only real question is: can you do this for the long haul? Can you go for 90 days or six months without seeing much return on your efforts? If you can, then in 2 years you might be sitting on $500/month or $1,000/month in passive earnings. Money that just rolls in, whether you post new stuff or not. Money that just keeps rolling in based on your previous work. So if you want easy money, then you can get to that point eventually, but it does take a sustained effort.

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