Can You Make Money Now Online?
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Making Extra Money

If you are looking to be making extra money this year then you should look into building up some streams of passive income. Of course that sounds like a great idea and of course it is, but it does take a lot of work.

What you need to do is to find some keywords to target. You can’t just pick any old keywords and expect to make money on the internet. Instead, you need words that have some profit potential, but yet are still somewhat possible to rank for in the search engines. Finding these words is a bit of an art form and I ended up paying good money to learn how to do it. I would suggest that you be willing to do the same because this is where you will make your money….when you choose your keywords.

Now some people out there on the internet will promise that you can make money without going this route, they will tell you that you do not need search engine traffic, and some of them will even tell you that search engine traffic is lousy and undesirable. This is insane. Trust me, you want search engine traffic because it shows up over and over again every single day without you having to lift a finger. If you want to go get a bunch of social traffic to come to your blog then you can put in a bunch of wasted time every day and get that to happen, but you will not make any money from that traffic and you will have to work like a dog to get it. Plus, you have to keep working like a dog, over and over again, to keep getting social traffic.

You want search engine traffic. I got about 700 visitors from the search engines yesterday and I’m probably going to get about that or a little bit more today. And it does not matter if I am on vacation or if I am sick with the flu or if I am working hard on my websites. It makes no difference. The traffic keeps on coming once you have it, and if it starts tailing off at all you can just build a few more links and regain your flow. To be honest if you do things right and you publish new content every once in a while then it is no problem at all to maintain your rankings in any niche that is not ultra competitive.

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