Making Money Online Mini-Course: Promoting Your Website to Build Massive Authority and Trust with the Search Engines

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Making Money Online Mini-Course: Promoting Your Website to Build Massive Authority and Trust with the Search Engines

If you construct article titles as I suggest, you should probably even be getting a bit of long tail traffic starting to trickle in, even without much promotion.

But at some point, you are going to have to actually promote your website. That means that you need some links pointing at your website. This is hard to do, and that is also why it remains the dominant ranking factor when Google decides where to put your website in the search results.

So you need links.

Now this could get way out of hand here, so I am just going to lay out some basic guidelines and suggestions. Certainly, you could do very different things from what I suggest, and you might do well. But if you follow these suggestions exactly, you will most definitely start building real site authority over time, and be able to rank well:

* Stay away from cheap links that are really easy to get. They don’t help much. If they do help, they will soon be demoted by the search engines. Easy links are not worth getting, because they pass no value.

* Get the hard links. Yes, it takes more time. Yes, you have think, a lot. But just one or two of the “hard” links is worth a TON. Your site could earn a thousand dollars per month with as little as 3 to 5 really good links. They are that valuable.

* Guest posting is the easiest way to get the hard links. Do this by searching Google for your topic (or variations of your topic) with things added into the search like “guest post by.” So if your topic is bipolar disorder, then you would do a Google search for:

bipolar disorder “guest post by”

You can then try other variations on that search as well. Substitute “mental illness” rather than “bipolar disorder.” Or substitute “this is a guest post” instead of using “guest post by.”

What you are doing is finding the websites in your niche that have already accepted guest posts.

Once you do this, make a list of all the websites in your niche that accept guest posts. If you have to, explore related niches in order to find more opportunities.

Then, pick the best website on your list and start leaving super good comments on that person’s website. Really good, value added comments. Impress them.

Then, eventually, email them and pitch the idea of a guest post.

This is the basic method of building up a relationship and then seeking out a guest post opportunity. There is a lot of room for variation in there so feel free to experiment.

Now understand this critical point:

* It is SO much easier to just go get cheap links rather than to seek out guest posts. Don’t do it. They are not worth anything. The reason guest post links carry so much weight is because they are hard to get (and they carry significant editorial review built into them).

So focus on getting just ONE guest post out there.

They will let you link back to your site. Don’t worry about anchor text. Don’t worry about linking to a deep page. Just use your website name and link it to your home page. Google knows what your website is about.

There is still value in getting properly anchored text links to your site but when you are going for a guest post it doesn’t matter so much. Just get the link, make it legit, and let the anchor be natural rather than forced.

If you get a few guest post links then eventually you will probably learn how to make cheap and dirty links as well. They will help down the road once your website is established, but they do not help as much when you are just starting out, and don’t have any “real” links pointing at your site.

So get the hard links first.

I know it is a pain. I know it is hard.

But this is how you make the big money.

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