Making the Decision to Shift Your Hobby Towards Building Passive Income Streams
Online Data Entry or Passive Income?

Money Making Opportunity

When was the last time you heard of a really great money making opportunity? And when you heard this opportunity, was it something feasible? Did it involve big start up costs and investment on your part? Was it even something you could really consider? Did it have a huge time investment and time commitment that you could never hope to meet?

Most big money ideas that you hear people talk about are like that. There are too many hurdles to jump, too many barriers to entry for you personally. We all have a life and a job and so on.

Well here is an opportunity for making money that has no such barriers for entry: you can make money online by building up content and monetizing it with advertising. It is easy to do and straightforward and you can invest as much or as little time as you have. Start up costs are zero. Seriously.

Anyone can go sign up for a Google Adsense account and get a free blogger blog and start making money. Now it does take some work, but what are you gonna do otherwise? Watch television? If you start building an online empire, then in a year or two you might have a nice stream of steady income coming out of this, and you will have to do precious little to maintain it. The only question with passive income like this is whether or not you want to grow it any bigger. If you do, then you need to put in hard work. If not, you can put in maybe an hour each week to simply keep it level.

You might think: yeah, but who can really build up a side income with free tools like a blogger blog? You probably have to invest money in order to get the big bucks, right? Nope. I know of at least one blogger who makes a ton of money (several hundred per day) through free blogger blogs. And you can build links to these blogs using free methods and free tools online. There is no need to invest big money.

Most people who are doing this professional and even have some paid tools that they use are spending less than a hundred per month on overhead. And this is for a professional web marketer with hundreds of websites. So it is very possible to make money in this industry with zero start up costs.

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