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Information About Money Making Websites

If you want to make cash online from the comfort of your own home then you need some money making websites. Some people who do not have any knowledge of how to put up a website can still do this quite easily if they just take the time to look into it. For example, you can start a free site over on or set up your articles on Hubpages and still do very well with passive income. It is all about how much effort you are willing to put into content generation and where you actually publish the content is not so important really.

The basics are this:

Finding good keywords to target with your articles.

Writing and publishing those articles.

Monetizing the content and promoting it with link building.

If you build links to your keyword targeted content, then you will make money. Picking the right keywords is an extremely important part of this whole process and if you do it right then you can find profitable words that still bring you some traffic in. I cannot go into how I learned good keyword selection because quite honestly I paid money to learn this, and my teachers were Court and Mark over at the keyword academy where they teach you about internet marketing.

Now after you have the basics down it is just a matter of applying what you know, over and over again. Find keywords, publish content, build links. If you do that over and over again then the money will follow.

Now if you did this process just once then you might make some money but probably not. The idea is to keep doing it a lot and some of the stuff you do will work out and some of it will not. Some of it will bring in money every single day and other stuff will never make a dime. Now obviously if you could predict the winners then you would be a rich person already.

So instead of being a lucky genius, you just have to play it as a numbers game. Start a few websites and see what works. Then start a few more. If you do this every month for a couple of years, guess what? In a few years you will have a very healthy passive income rolling in every month that you no longer have to work very hard to maintain. A pretty good deal if you have the patience to build it up; most do not have the patience.

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