Quit Your Day Job – When, How, Why, and so on

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Quit Your Day Job – When, How, Why, and so on

Time magazine says that the world is experiencing a shrinking paycheck. Day jobs therefore become less valuable, etc.
Tim Ferriss and Hugh Mcleod say that “you don’t die when you quit your day job.” Good news there!

And Seth Godin says to do something remarkable (like possibly quit your day job, as is his constant example) with his new book called Poke the Box.
And Josh Whitford told me to flat out quit, as soon as possible, and never look back. He quit his own day job years ago, and made it all work.
So I am quitting my day job, eventually…..lots of signals pointing in that direction for me.

So let’s break it down further:
The details include what, why, how, when, and who.
WHO: I am the one quitting.
WHAT: My current job is a 40 hour per week day job in an office environment. I get medical benefits and make between 10 and 15 an hour.
WHEN: This is still variable. I will quit very shortly after these 2 goals are met: 1) Get out of debt. 2) Accumulate an emergency fund of $6,000 dollars. After that, it will probably happen very quickly.

HOW: The monthly income from my internet marketing is a factor, but it is not going to make or break the deal. When I devote 40 hours per week to my online properties, the income will jump considerably. I am leaving myself plenty of cushion and savings to allow time for this income to rise. As it is now, I could scrape by with what I am making, even without any savings. I am going to quit my day job and then put 40 hours per week into doing real work on my websites.

WHY: There are several reasons why:
I don’t particularly like day jobs, period. I do not like having a boss who can fire me at will. Nor do I like having to crawl out of bed every day, in the cold, and drive to work at the crack of dawn.

I don’t like having to trade my time for money. With my day job, if I don’t work, I don’t get paid. This is an awful setup for someone who can create value in other ways and then sell that value over and over again to make a living.

I am bored with my work. I am at work right now, in fact. There was some work to be done earlier this morning but I whipped through it very fast and now I am bored. I asked my boss if I could work less hours and thus be busier and save the company money, and he ignored this request. He said “I think we need you here 40 hours a week.”

My pay is capped at my day job. I can beg for a raise but this is peanuts, I am not gonna suddenly double my salary here. But I can easily double my online income in a year or so, maybe less time. The sky is the limit. This day job is a dead end, a way to keep working hard just to keep getting by.
I want the challenge of making it all work as an entrepreneur. I am bored to tears with a day job. I get constant praise from my supervisors and it is boring me to death. Why keep providing value for others, when I could put that energy into my own business?

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