Skip the Online Data Entry Job

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Skip the Online Data Entry Job

If you want to make real money on the internet then you should probably skip the online data entry job. The real money to be had is in producing content or profiting from content.

If you choose to produce content for others then you will essentially be a freelancer who makes money for each article that you write. This might start out at only a few bucks per article but the money adds up quickly, especially if you can compose fast articles and crank out a dozen or more in a day. Doing so can quickly get you up to $1,000 per month, which is good enough for most people to at least make a start with an online job. With data entry jobs you probably will not be making this kind of money unless you get really lucky and work awfully hard. How fast can you write a dozen articles? It might take you ten hours the first time you try to do it, but if you keep doing it every day and stick with it, you might get down to where it only takes you about 2 to 3 hours. That is the rate I am personally at and it is no problem to sustain that over time.

Now if you choose to produce content for yourself instead then you can lay down some articles on your own website or on other websites that let you publish on them and then monetize there. At any rate you will be making less money this way upfront but there is a huge potential to get paid passive income in the long run by making money over and over again on your articles. You can even do this with a free Blogger website and have literally no overhead at all, no investment whatsoever other than your time and effort. Of course it is very difficult to build a sustainable stream of passive income this way and most people will give up before they see the results. But anyone who is willing to persist and put the work in can slowly start to build something up over time and start to see the earnings trickle in.

If you are working for an hourly wage then you are probably part of someone else’s passive income plans. If you are doing a job that pays per hour or per unit of work done, then you are not building a long term asset for yourself. Something to think about anyway….

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