The Benefits of Using the eBook Outline Blog Content Strategy

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The Benefits of Using the eBook Outline Blog Content Strategy

“Well, that’s a nice idea, and I can see some value in creating these free eBooks for your audience, but it all sounds like too much extra work for me. I’m just going to publish articles on my site instead, and forget about the eBook part.”

In my opinion, this is a mistake.

Sure, you can build a website without using this particular content strategy. But I would argue that it is going to be much harder to become successful if you ignore these ideas.

Here is the basic eBook strategy, outlined in full:

Brainstorm about your topic and identify at least ten ideas for potential eBooks. Make a list.

Choose one of these ideas and plan out the eBook. Outline it by creating at least ten chapters. Create a headline based on each chapter.

Write each chapter separately and post it as an article on your Write an introduction and conclusion for your eBook, and combine them to create a single blog post that introduces your new eBook to the world.

List your eBook in the sidebar of your website.

Repeat this process approximately ten times over the course of the next year or two, filling your sidebar up with linkbait resources that are actually useful to your audience.

Benefits of the eBook outline strategy

The benefits of using this approach are numerous:

You stay motivated and on task. Without a content strategy it will be tough to motivate yourself to build a huge website. Pushing yourself to get the next eBook published will help you to crank out the content on your blog. You outline your next eBook, write one chapter at a time, publish as you go along, rinse and repeat.

Your eBook outline structure insures that all of your content that you create is actually useful. You are not creating fluff to put in your eBook, so you are likewise not going to post any useless fluff on your blog either. So the strategy helps to improve (or enforce, really) a higher standard of quality for your content.

Your website becomes a true resource in your niche and is actually helpful and useful to your audience. In many niches, using this approach will make you into the web leader, giving you the best website on the entire Internet.

Your content becomes part of your marketing, which means you have to do less work later when it comes to building authority and link juice. Much of your marketing is “baked in” to your website over time, as you create content that sells itself based on quality.

Your website (and the income from it) become much more durable, because you have created strong, helpful, value-added content. Someone ignoring this approach might build a website based on much thinner content, such as by having no eBooks, no free resources, and relatively thin articles that may just be generic information rather than insightful and helpful.

Actually outlining the eBook, compiling it, publishing it, and creating the graphics for it is all a very minimal time investment.

Writing the chapters (which double as blog posts for you) is 99% of the work. The rest of those tasks can all be done in less than hour total, per eBook. The writing itself is what takes the most time.

As such, it makes sense to put in this extra effort in order to offer this value to your audience as a free resource.

In addition, using this outline process helps to insure that you keep producing content at a steady rate, rather than sitting around and wondering what you should write about on your website.

Create resources. Plan them out, create them, publish them. Then, do it all over again.

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