What do Online Money Making Sites Have in Common?

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What do Online Money Making Sites Have in Common?

If you can hire someone to write an article for 5 bucks and you do that a couple hundred times and then you throw links at a site like this I do not believe that is a sustainable business model. You are just creating web spam and the search engines might fall for it in the short term but I do not believe they will reward you in the long run.

If you create a website and the information on it can be found on other websites already, it is game over: it might work for a little while but ultimately you are dead in the water. What is the point if you are just rehashing old information? Be original!

If you create a website and it is original and has information that is native to the web, but it is largely useless to the searcher, then why does your site even exist? If it does not solve a problem then you have not added real value to the web at all.

If you want to extract money from the internet then you have to put value into it. The confusing thing is that so many people can and do make a quick buck by just spamming the web instead, but this does not create any long term value. Instead, the idea is that you need to create something that has permanent value…something that can deliver value over and over again. If you do this then you will not have to worry about creating new things all the time or finding new jobs to create more income.

Do it right and built something amazing that is useful and original. Easy to say but hard to do. Do this and you will be able to put your feet up one day and just watch the money roll in as your asset that you created keeps providing recurring value for folks.

Most websites that make money are both large and of high quality. There is a secret lesson here and that is that the search engines tend to like a larger website. There is a bit more trust if a site has quite a bit of content on it compared to sites that only have a few dozen pages or so. Therefore, my belief is that you should just create and focus on building up one single website, and make it into the best possible website that you can make it.

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