Work from Home Stuffing Envelopes – NOT

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Work from Home Stuffing Envelopes – NOT

Do you want to work from home stuffing envelopes all day? Or would you rather set up a business online that pays you money over and over again, regardless of whether you do any work or not?

Some people want the easy and mindless money. They want to do the work of a robot and get paid to stuff envelopes or sort tiny screws for Nasa or whatever. But others want something more for themselves and this is where online marketing comes in. Instead of working for an hourly wage or trying to meet some ridiculously high quota by stuffing envelopes, you could instead put your energy into making money online and create an asset that pays you over and over again.

As it turns out, the stuffing envelope people are scammers. They do not pay anyone to stuff envelopes, what they do is they sucker people into buying a “kit” from them so that they can supposedly get you started on your envelope stuffing career. Then they take your money and run. They do not send you a “kit.” they do not have you stuff any envelopes. They just take your money.

If you can write an article, you can build a real business on the internet and make real money without getting scammed like this. If you are willing to stuff envelopes for a living then certainly you have the work ethic and dedication needed to make some money through publishing fresh content on the web. There are a number of different places you can do this, such as Hubpages or Blogger. You can then put up advertising on the content you publish and make money from that content. This sounds pretty easy to do and it actually is simple to do. But it does take effort and it does take time to build it up into a sustainable money making operation. But you have plenty of time because you were willing to stuff envelopes! So take that energy and that work ethic and apply it to something that will produce money for you over and over again. Wouldn’t you like to earn money every day, similar to the way a published author receives royalties on a book that they sell? You can do just that by publishing content online.

Explore this website and you will learn the basics of building such an asset for yourself. It does take work, but you were willing to do that anyway….

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