You Need an Internet Marketing Strategy that Keeps You Publishing Great Content on a Consistent Basis

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You Need an Internet Marketing Strategy that Keeps You Publishing Great Content on a Consistent Basis

Our ideal Internet marketing strategy is actually a content strategy.
Even when we talk about thinks like link building and promotion, we are still organizing those ideas around the idea of creating killer content in the form of epic resources.

Our long term goal is to have a destination website which is a valuable store of resources for your target audience. This is how we will build our brand and long term success.

As such, you need a marketing strategy that encourages you to continuously publish killer content.
Outlining your content plan

It is not really that hard to outline a long term content plan. You could probably do it in one weekend, and have your next 100 articles lined up that you want to create.

You could also organize this content into about 6 to 12 killer resources.
My method has always been: Publish first, compile into a resource later. In order to do this effectively, however, you need to do a bit of planning.
This planning process is what will drive your killer content. You can lay out a few outlines, and then you will have a clear path to creating these great resources for your audience.

Having this outline done and this goal in mind will help push you to create the content more consistently.
Content and resource planning
So how does this all work?

First, I would suggest that you plan out about 6 to 12 resources for your website. Your goal should be to have these all completed over the next year or so.

Second, I would break each of these resources down into about 6 to 12 individual chapters, or articles. Each chapter of your resource will also be published on your blog, and then later compiled into the resource that you are creating.

For our purposes, these “resources” are probably going to take the form of a free eBook, though that may not necessarily be the case for everyone. The free eBook seems to work well for me, and they are also fairly easy to put together after you have written all of the content.

So you have a website and it is about a specific topic. We want to create an outline of maybe 6 to 12 resources, and we want to break each one of those up into about 6 to 12 chapters. Each chapter will become an article on your website. Later on, once all chapters have been published, you can compile the content into an eBook, and then offer it as a free download to your audience.

Do this 10 times over, and you will have a true destination website, a place that your audience can go to get tons of great information.
Brainstorming your resources

Let’s say that your website topic is “health and fitness.”
If that were the case, you might brainstorm a list of about 6 to 12 major resources that you will eventually create for your site:
* How to Exercise Safely and Effectively
* Proper Sleep Habits and How to Get the Proper Rest that You Need
* Basic Nutrition and How to Eat a Healthy Diet without Going Crazy
* Building Muscle and How Weight Training Will Benefit Your Health
* Managing Stress and Finding Peace and Relaxation in Your Life
* Motivating Yourself to Get Healthy
* Using a Holistic Approach to Health and Fitness
Anyone who is interested in this topic is likely to be able to come up with a few more ideas.
Each one of these could become a full fledged resource for your audience….not just an article, but a substantial free eBook with a lot of great information in it.
For example, you might choose one of these resources and break it down into a quick outline. For example, the first possible resource is “How to Exercise Safely and Effectively.” So we might break that down and outline it like this:
Introduction and overview for safe and effective exercise
Checking with Your Doctor to Make Sure You Are Healthy Enough for Vigorous Exercise

Starting Out Slowly with a Plan to Keep Building Intensity and Duration of Exercise
Charting Your Progress and Keeping Written or Visual Track of Your Journey to Better Health
Staying Motivated When Exercise Becomes Tough, Boring, or Uncomfortable
Building on Your Success in Achieving Fitness and Taking Your Health to the Next Level
Using Races or Weight Lifting Meets to Motivate You to Train Harder and Succeed with Your Fitness Goals

Branching Out Into New Forms of Exercise in Order to Benefit Your Whole Body Note that these are just ideas off the top of my head; I am not a fitness or health guru.

Obviously, if you are big into fitness, then this sort of content and ideas should be even easier for you to generate than it is for me!
So now that you have your resources planned out, and then you have gone in and fully outlined one of those resources, your next job is to create that resource, one killer article at a time.
Sit down and start writing your “Introduction and Overview for Safe and Effective Exercise.”

Publish it as an article on your website. Later it will become part of your free eBook, and part of a larger resource.
If you are experienced with fitness and have lots of good information to offer people, then you will be creating genuinely helpful resources using this method.

Thus, this is a content strategy, and it is one that you can use to outline your next 10 “mega-projects” for your website in a very short period of time.
Once you have it all outlined, it is simply a matter of creating the content, writing and publishing the articles, and then later compiling them into free eBooks.

This is a great content strategy with which to grow your brand in the long run.
The key is, having such a strategy keeps you moving forward and publishing helpful content on a regular basis. You are never left wondering “What should I work on for my website today?” Instead, you have a list of mega-resources that you want to create, and you need to outline and plan out about a dozen articles for each one of them.

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